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Swimming chills may be your thin relationship

2022-07-01 19:05Swimming circle
Summary: I can only swim for 20 minutes, and then I feel cold and numb, so I can't swim. What's the matterMaybe it's because you're thin. There's too little subcutaneous fat. It may also be beca
I can only swim for 20 minutes, and then I feel cold and numb, so I can't swim. What's the matter
Maybe it's because you're thin. There's too little subcutaneous fat. It may also be because the water temperature is too cold. But chill has nothing to do with physical strength. Unless you feel very tired, it is physical strength, and now you say you are just cold. Suggestion: do more warm-up exercises before launchingAfter swimming, I went to bed and felt cold all over
Swimming is very physical, and the water in the evening is cold, so you lose a lot of heat, so you feel cold. After the energy is lost, it cannot be replenished immediatelySwimming chills  may be your thin relationship, so you will still be cold when you go home. But after a night, your body has been adjusted, stabilized and supplemented with caloriesWhy do I always feel cold when swimming, and sometimes my lips are purple
In addition, when the secretion of thyroxine in the body is insufficient, the blood circulation of skin and other parts slows down, and heat production is insufficient. These people will react more strongly to cold than ordinary people. Menopausal women have low estrogen levels, which affect the stability of nerves and blood vessels, and are prone to coldness in the waist, abdomen, hands and feet and the whole bodyWhy do you feel cold in aSwimming chills  may be your thin relationship constant temperature swimming pool
People's normal temperature is about 37 degrees, and even the water temperature of the constant temperature swimming pool is lower than this temperature People keep getting hot in the water to keep it at about 37 degrees. After a long time, nature feels cold when the body is loadedWhy did I feel cold after swimming yesterday
The water in the swimming pool is generally cool. If you exercise, it should be just right. But the swimming pool is not a place to take a bath. You must not stay in it for Swimming chills  may be your thin relationshipa long time. If you move, you will lose heat. If you don't move, the cold will go to Swimming chills  may be your thin relationshipyour bones. It looks like you are getting cold. To put it bluntly, you are getting cold. Eat brown sugar ginger soup to drive away the coldWill long-term swimming lead to cold invasion
The second stage: after staying in the water for a certain time, the blood flow on the body surface expands, the skin turns pale red, and the skin warms from cold. The third stage: staying for too long, the heat dissipation of body temperature is greater than that of scalding, and goose bumps and chills appear on the skin. This is a taboo period for summer outings. Water should be released in time. Otherwise, you will feel dizzy and cold in your limbsI feel cold after swimming and choking
The cold on the body is caused by the temperature drop because the water is not wiped dry when swimming. In addition, there is tension. Once you choke water carelessly, first relax and relieve your mood, cough loudly for a few times, spit out the water in your windpipe, and then go ashore as soon as possible to have a restAfter swimming out, how is it that you feel cold all over
In fact, it was already cold before it came out. It was just that I was still excited and didn't care. The body loses heat very quickly. It needs to be supplemented urgentlyWhat about getting cold when swimming
Don't swim if it's water-cooled. Don't tangle
How should the body get cold after swimming for a period of time be mediated
That's because the water on the body evaporates, taking away the heat of the skin. There is a solution. You can flush it with cold water before swimming, which can not only avoid foot cramps, but also prevent yourself from getting cold in the water! Use this method first. I hope it will help you. Thank you
Swimming chills may be your thin relationship

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