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Swimming meat what would you choose

2022-06-30 14:07Swimming circle
Summary: After seeing the comparison of the swimming photos of dilireba and guanxiaotong, no wonder Lu Han chose guanxiaotong. What would you chooseGuanxiaotong has the advantage of age. She is 4 years younger
After seeing the comparison of the swimming photos of dilSwimming meat  what would you chooseireba and guSwimming meat  what would you chooseanxiaotong, no wonder Lu Han chose guanxiaotong. What would you choose
Guanxiaotong has the advantage of age. She is 4 years younger than Dili Reba, giving people a feeling of youth and vitality. When guanxiaotong wears a conservative swimsuit, it gives people a pure and lovely feeling. It also makes people feel very comfortable when they laugh. There is no sense of distance. Guanxiaotong looks more approachableWho said "little fresh meat"
It generally refers to young people over 15 years old who are handsome. In China, it mainly refers to Ning zetao, a swimmer
In addition to Ning zetao's 8 abdominal muscles, what are the deep cupboard male gods in the diving fresh meat
In addition to the Chinese team, there have been long legged male gods such as Popov, hogan band and Thorpe in the world swimming world, which have captivated a female audience. Why are swimmers so stylish? Of course, you have to have a good-looking face first. It depends on your parents. The second is the figure. When selecting swimmers, they generally require that the upper body be longer than the lower body and shoulder widthNingzetao from fame to being suppressed, and then to the whole process of retirement, no food, no coach, why did he retire
Ningzetao is a very powerful swimmer. There are a large number of award-winning records. He is known as "Asian flying fish". He was once known as the "Twin Star" of China's swimming world together with Sun Yang. Ningzetao is a post-90s generation. If he doesn't retire, he will have several years to continue to build his own gloryKong chuinan, a little fresh meat, infected his girlfriend with a serious disease. The program also reported swimming. How bad is he_ Baidu
Recently, the rotten private life of line 18 fresh meat has refreshed everyone's imagination. It is said that his private life is very chaotic. He has a girlfriend and is not clearly involved with other women. Kongchunan may not be familiar to everyone. He also takes part in swimming in supernova. Maybe you will think he is a sunny boy by his appearanceThe recent photo of famous swimmer Ning zetao shows that the striped suit is very elegant. Do you like this type_ Hundred
The audience and fans also left messages praising Ning zetao not only for his good staSwimming meat  what would you choosete, butSwimming meat  what would you choose also for his handsome appearance. The handsome, slim, upright, gentle, elegant and sophisticated guy who can control any style of clothing is really loved by everyone. He is comparable to some small fresh meat starsWhat kind of person do you think Ning zetao is
A little fresh meat with a good figure and a clean smile. The most important thing is that he is a good swimmer with specialized skills. He can be regarded as a high-quality love bean with both internal and external skillsIn which competition did swimmer Ning zetao become famous
This Asian Games made people know Ning zetao, a 21-year-old with a handsome face and a height of 1.91 meters. He was thin in clothes and had meat when undressed. He quickly attracted many fans. The titles of "national male god" and "little fresh meat in the swimming pool" were not enough to praise him. According to statistics, before the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Ning zetao had less than 15000 microblog fansXiaosheng fault is serious, and the new generation of small fresh meat is complained by netizens roast: they hardly know each other. What do you think_ Baidu knows
Along with the video recording of variety shows, many Reuters photos on the spot have been exposed one after another. Recently, a large group photo of TVB and its new generation of fresh meat stars after participating in the swimming competition has aroused strong repercussions from netizens. In this photo, there are 13 TVB male stars. From afarThree characters of male swimmer's name
Ningzetao, a piece of fresh meat
Swimming meat what would you choose

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