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Wang Junkai swims can tfboys swim

2022-07-01 22:10Inflatable swimming ring
Summary: Can tfboys swimFrom high to low, they are Wang Junkai, Yiyang Qianxi and Wang Yuan. Yesterday, they were asked who to save first when they fell into the water in the backstage interview of the award c
Can tfboys swim
From high to low, they are Wang Junkai, Yiyang Qianxi and Wang Yuan. YesterdayWang Junkai swims  can tfboys swim, they were asked who to save first when they fell into the water in the backstage interview of the award ceremony
If tfboys fell into the water at the same time, who would you choose to save
Will go to save the right hand Wang Junkai left hand Wang Yuan back Yiyang Qianxi
Wang Junkai was archaeological again when he was a child. He corrected fan letters online. What other wonderful actions did he have_ Baidu
Wang Junkai often exposes his ugly self photos. The most wonderful thing about Wang Junkai when he was a child was that he had to share everything on the social platform, including his self photos, what clothes he wore, and his self photos of going swimming with his friends topless. Every time, he had to ask fans whether they were good-lookingHuang Lei said that Wang Junkai was a monkey. Why did he say so
In "yearning for life", Peng Yuchang told everyone that he was watching "just a teenager". Wang Junkai had many kinds of positions to go to bed. He Jiong also said: he is too good. Huang Lei followed closely and said that Wang Junkai was a monkey. I have to say that Wang Junkai's sports cells are too strong! Playing basketball, fancy shooting, rowing with legs, fancy swimming, that's itWhat is Wang Junkai's specialty
Wang Junkai asked and answered quickly. He not only revealed the Spring Festival plan, but also his best dish. Did you guess right? Do you like rain or snow? Wang Junkai: it snows. Swimming or skiing? Wang Junkai: skiing. Single board or double board? Wang Junkai: veneer. To what level of ski path? Wang Junkai: I've been to the advanWang Junkai swims  can tfboys swimceWang Junkai swims  can tfboys swimd road, but I just fell downWang Junkai is from Singapore. What kind of stem is this
In addition to these, extreme sports such as rock climbing and swimming are all very energetic! Recently, I saw a sports blockbuster shot by Wang Junkai on the Internet! In the video, he is a hot-blooded teenager, splashing his own sweat. Basketball, skateboarding, parkour and hip-hop dance are all sports declarations of Xiao Kai to release himselfIf one day, Wang Yuan, Wang Junkai and Yiyang Qianxi all fall into the water, then who will you choose to save
Of course it's Wang JunkaiWang Junkai: my brother only cares about happiness. What are the ways for young people to get happiness
There are many ways to get happy. When we take a bath, we can sing loudly to release the fatigue of the day; Ride a bike to and fro in the streets and alleys; Go surfing and swimming at the seaside, feel the freshness of the sea and enjoy the beauty of the sea; When we feel tired after a busy day, we can massage in turnWang Junkai weighs only 96.4 Jin. What efforts has he made to film
We all know that Wang Junkai is a member of tfboys. At the beginning of tfboys, he was hacked by many people. Because tfboys' TF is related to fecal digging, at that time, many people who were jealous of tfboys began to say that they were fecal digging boys, and later these three boys also proved that they were very excellent with their own strength. YesWang Junkai swam with a bulge below
You think too much.,, Is it fantasy? What I told you,,... (meWang Junkai swims  can tfboys swimaning speechless)
Wang Junkai swims can tfboys swim

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