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Ji'an swimming catering and entertainment area

2022-07-01 00:17Inflatable swimming ring
Summary: What are the interesting places in BaishanThe tourism functional areas developed and constructed in the scenic area include: shallow water swimming area, deep-water swimming area, breeding, fishing an
What are the interesting places in Baishan
The tourism functional areas developed and constructed in the scenic area include: shallow water swimming area, deep-water swimming area, breeding, fishing and cruise, karst cave tourist area, catering and entertainment area, business service area, parking area, flower area, forest botanical garden, scenic villa area, green agriculture demonstration area, etcWhat are the tourist attractions in Changchun
The magnificent Changbai Mountain is a famous tourist attraction for a long time; Jilin Wusong is known as one of the four natural wonders in China; Changchun is thJi'an swimming  catering and entertainment areae cradle of cars and movies in New China; The ancient city Ji'an is a history museum of Koguryo nationality; Siping Yehe ancient city is the ancestral home of Empress Dowager Cixi; The puppet Imperial Palace in Changchun and the ruins of the puppet Manchukuo were the site of Japan's invasion of Northeast ChinaHow about the good children's swimming pool in Ji'an? What's the price
Not bad. I played there several times and heard that the price was appropriateRecommend some good places to travel in Northeast China
As one of the king cities of Koguryo, Huanren Wunv mountain city and the Koguryo relics in Ji'an City, Jilin Province are listed in the world heritage list. Wunu mountain has become a famous tourist landscape in the east of Liaoning Province and the leading tourist attraction in Huanren County. Local people believe that after being listed as a world heritage siteWhich place is better, sanjiaolong bay or Ji'an
Of course, Ji'an is better: there are world heritage Koguryo, forest park WuNvFeng, Yalu River adjacent to Korea, open-air swimming pool Tonggou River, food... I won't tell you until I comeThe scenery of Ji'an in Ji'an swimming  catering and entertainment areawinter
Swimming children are at ease. Sometimes they take a swimming circle to the river to compete with the fish, sometimes they lie on the sand and stone to bask in the sun, and sometimes they go to the snack stand by the river to have a barbecue. From time to time, the sky will start to drizzle, flowing down from the sky, like thousands of shining silver chains, falling into the river, and the night of the Yalu River is even more livelyStarting from Dalian, self-help Tour Shenyang, Changbai Mountain, Ji'an Koguryo mausoleum, Dandong (mainly see the Yalu River
7; Hunting ground - Xianrenqiao hot spring natatory8 natatorium - Shenyang City 9 Shenyang City - Dalian city. Ji'an swimming  catering and entertainment areaThis is probably the order to end the unique Sino Korean border trip and the self-help in-depth tour around Changbai Mountain. The whole journey is about more than 2000 kilometers, and 1.5--2 Yuan some attractions you can filterHow can I get to the Urban Construction College of Jilin Institute of architecture and engineering from Changchun railway station
Gongnong square - swimming area - Lixin Street - Comrade Street - Xinmin square - No. 2 dormitory - College of traditional Chinese Medicine - Hongqi Street - Changying - Huxi road - No. 1 dormitory - Ji'an road - KUANPING road - KUANPING bridge - Film City - No. 1 station - chebai building - No. 3 Station - Gate 2 - No. 5 stationDoes anyone know Baishan City, Jilin Province? Okay
At present, the Runlong hot spring swimming pool with an area of more than 6000 square meters has been built, which is a good place for people to relax, exercise and recuperate. The Lushuihe hunting ground in Fusong County is located in the depths of the primeval forest at the northwest foot of the main peak of Changbai Mountain, and the whole hunting area covers an area of 35800 hectares. The hunting area is densely foresJi'an swimming  catering and entertainment areated, crisscrossed with gullies and lush with water and grass. It is a variety of wild animalsLive in Ji'an road and swim
Taxi starts at 3 yuan and ends at 5 yuan
Ji'an swimming catering and entertainment area

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