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Happy swimming happy swimming

2022-06-25 23:02Inflatable swimming ring
Summary: Happy swimming. Is the use of "de" in this name right? I still swim happilyAnswer: should it be "de"What is the happy mood of swimmingThe happy mood of swimming is as follows: I saw him wa
Happy swimming. Is the use of "de" in this name right? I still swim happily
Answer: should it be "de"What is the happy mood of swimming
The happy mood of swimming is as follows: I saw him waving his arm and moving forward, tumbling up and down in the water, and then suddenly sinking to the bottom. I jumped into the river. Oh, the water was so cold. The whirlpools from left to right were like traps. I wanted to go east. It pulled me to the WestFirst grade fill in the blank () to catch fish () to swim
Catch fish and swim happily. Happy means: feel happy and comfortable: everyone together, talk and laugh, very ~. Tease others and make youHappy swimming  happy swimmingrself happy: don't take him ~. Pinyin: [K i x N] quHappy swimming  happy swimmingotation explanation: Ah Ying's white smoke: "when you hear the happy place, you will burst into laughter."Swimming is really fun composition 270 words
”I cried. Since then, I will not be left behind when I go swimming with my classmates. Swimming also made me realize the importance of cooperation and not giving up. I should cooperate well with my classmates and help each other. Of course, you can't give up easily in your study and life. If you stick to it, you will succeed. Swimming makes me happyWhat kind of swimming
You can fill in free swimming, happy swimming and unrestrained swimmingWhere to swim happily in the water
"Swimming happily in the water" uses "ground"Swimming happily
Happy swimming or amusedly amusedly
Is the word "ground" in the sentence "swim happily" right? Which De is correct? Here "you
Suddenly, they said in a loud voice, "hungry!" "Yes!" The teacher agreed with his answer. In this way, the first group won a point, and they all jumped up with joy. The interesting Happy swimming  happy swimminggame went on like this, and we were always immersed in this happy atmosphereEnjoy swimming
Although I have only learned to swim for a few days, I have seen those big brothers and sisters who have learned to swim around like small fish in the swimming pool. I am very envious of them. I will study swimming hardHappy swimming  happy swimming in the future and try to learn it quicklySwimming happy mood
10. Swims clocks in, rides the bicycle to go home after swims, the summer wind blows is really comfortable. The dead cycle of summer: swimming - swimming for two days without moving - take a rest - keep leaning in the water. Swimming clocked in for the nth time, and the shelved swimming skills finally got hold of this summer
Happy swimming happy swimming

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