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Swimming spitting spitting is not blood

2022-07-03 03:23Foam swimming circle
Summary: Why is spitting after swimmingIt may be that the water temperature causes excessive accumulation of bacterial body fluids in the throatI just learned swimming for a month. At that time, it was easy to
Why is spitting after swimming
It may be that the water temperature causes excessive accumulation of bacterial body fluids in the throat
I just learned swimming for a month. At that time, it was easy to choke water wSwimming spitting  spitting is not bloodhen swimming, and spitting was not blood. But a few days later
I don't think it has much to do with swimming. You may hSwimming spitting  spitting is not bloodave lung disease. I suggest going to the hospital for a check-up. It's better if nothing happens. In short, people will not cough up blood easilySwimming choked, there was blood in it when spitting, and the lips were purple. Is this serious
You'd better go to the hospital
What harm does spitting in the swimming pool do to yourself
Human saliva has bacteria, which breed in the water and evenSwimming spitting  spitting is not bloodtually endanger the water quality. There will be a large number of bacteria in the water, which should be disinfected and sterilized in time
When swimming, I drank a few saliva and choked. When spitting, how can there be blood
First of all, I need to know the water environment of your swimming: salt water (that is, sea water) or fresh water (that is, water in rivers)? If it's sea water, there's no big problem. Many people have the same experience as you. It's caused by the high concentration of salt in the sea water. Just take a rest. If it's water in a river, thenThe guests in the swimming pool always spit. How can we make the guests not spit
Personal quality problems cannot be eliminated. You can put a bucket at a distance beside the poolWhy do you have a lot of phlegm when swimming
The premise of the answer is: normal people are swimming, and lung diseases (such as colds and pneumonia) are not included in this discussion. When swimming, the vital capacity increases, the airway needs to be humidified, and the secretion of tracheal mucosa will increase (players are often seen spitting after running violently in football matches); When swimming, you will choke some water more or lessHow to solve the problem of spitting in the swimming pool
Spit into the sink. Flush it away with water with both hands. The swimming pool without a sink spits next to the drainage ditch beside the pool (generally inaccessible), and then flushes it into the drainage ditch with both hands. The above must be done with both hands. Don't put it there. This is the gauge distance. Don't let people say youI haven't been swimming for more than 10 years. After swimming, I cough and have blood in my sputum. Why
If you eat often, your disease will gradually heal. This prescription cures long-term deficiency, fever, spitting and hemoptysis. Tips for love: please consult the local regular traditional Chinese medicine hospital for the above prescriptions, and choose them according to their own physiological characteristics and different pathological changes. If you are satisfied with the above answer, please don't disappoint my kindness and click "adopt as" in timeIs there any recognized basic dress Swimming spitting  spitting is not bloodetiquette in the swimming pool
Before entering the swimming pool, consciously clean, disinfect and soak your feet, develop good hygiene habits, and avoid water pollution by sweat, bacteria, etc. Smoke and spit in the gutter near the swimming pool. Don't spit in the swimming pool. You can't rub mud, pee or play in the pool
Swimming spitting spitting is not blood

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