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2022-06-25 01:36Foam swimming circle
Summary: What does it mean to have water resident 5bar or 10bar on the back of the watchWater resist means waterproof. 10bar refers to ten atmospheres. Indicates that it has a waterproof performance of ten atm
What does it mean to have water resident 5bar or 10bar on the back of the watch
Water resist means waterproof. 10bar refers to ten atmospheres. Indicates that it has a waterproof performance of ten atmospheres under static conditions. Ten atmospheres is equivalent to diving for 100 meters, but if you wear this watch to dive to this depth, you will probably have an accident, which is just a reference valueThe back of my watch says water resistant 5bar. Can I take a bath
Yes, but you'd better not take it for swimming aIf you swim in the rain at night, can you eat ginger
1. You can eat ginger. 2. Eating ginger can make you sweat and expel cold. 3. The swimming physique will be enhanced throughout the year, and the adaptability to the external environment (cold and hot) will also be enhanced. It is not easy to catch cold and catch a cold. If you get caught in the rain and catch a cold, it is generally a cold. You'd better drink ginger, brown sugar and water boiled with scallionWhat is the use of baby swimming and drenching exercises
It's good to keep fit
After swimming, I got caught in the rain, caught a cold, and felt dizzy. Can I go swimming the next day??? Urgent~~
Answer: Problem Analysis: according to the information you provided, if you have a colWater resistd and have discomfort symptoms, it is still recommended not to swim. Opinions and suggestions: in order to avoid aggravating cold symptoms, it is recommended to drink more water, pay attention to rest, pay attention to sunscreen, and take some cold medicine, such as new Kangtaike, and take it day and nightWhat should I take to learn swimming in the swimming pool
Take your swimsuit with you. You'd better also take your swimming cap and goggles. Because the water in the swimming pool is irritating to the hair and eyes. Swimming precautions: take a shower before you go into the water and get ready for the activities. Wash your hair and body after swimming. Don't make any noise in the swimming pool. No diving. If you can't swimHow can people become vampires and werewolves in Sims 2
Vegetative people only have three needs, namely, water, sunshine and love. Drinking water, bathing, swimming and raining can supplement water. Solar energy can supplement sunshine. Greenhouse lamps can also supplement sunshine. Social activities can supplement love. Vegetative people can reproduce in unisexual and plant babies. The children thus born are also vegetative. Vegetative people can have sexHow is red dot and still itchy on swimming body in swimming pool to return a responsibility
Skin allergic reaction may be caused not by swimming but by other allergens due to high concentration of disinfection powder in the pool and unclean water. It is recommended to wash the body with plenty of water after swimming, stop swimming temporarily, and observe whether there are other allergic reactions except for the skin. Generally, the symptoms are mild and can be cured without taking medicineWhat is it like to swim in an open pool on a rainy day
It's a strange feeling to swim in an open pool on a rainy day. WhWater resisten you haven't experienced it, you may think: the rain will wet me, but I'm already Water resistin the pool. I'm already wet. At this time, do I need to find a place to take shelter from the rain? In fact, I think it is necessaryCan Mido 5bar watch take swimming shower and wash hands
The 5-degree waterproof is only able to prevent domestic water. You can't shower or flush directly. It is very likely that water will enter. AWater resists for swimming, don't think about it. If you dare to swim, he will dare to enter the water to show you. There are detailed information about watch waterproof on China watch online
Water resist

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