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Swimming sponges including demospongea

2022-07-01 00:43Foam swimming circle
Summary: Can sponges grown in the sea be used directlySponges are a general term of the phylum Porifera, including four outlines: demospongea, hylospongea, calcispongea and sclerospongea. Sponges are the simpl
Can sponges grown in the sea be used directly
Sponges are a general term of the phylum Porifera, including four outlines: dSwimming sponges  including demospongeaemospongea, hylospongea, calcispongea and sclerospongea. Sponges are the simplest multicellular animals in the worldSponge is obviously an animalSwimming sponges  including demospongea. Why do so many people regard it as a plant
Now, if someone who studies zoology asks why he doesn't think sponges are plants, he will answer: because sponges eat solid particles that go in with water; Their cells, unlike those of plants, have no fibrous outer layer; They can swim freely when they are young, as many other marine animals did when they were youngCan I remove two layers of Lianfang's swimsuit sponge
The sponge of the swimsuit can be removed. As long as you don't like it, you can remove it. It has nothing to do with the brand of swimsuit. I took it all down. It's easy to swim without a sponge. Swimsuits and sponges are Chinese characteristics. There is no such saying abroadSponges are animals! What is the magic of it
Now, if someone is asking why sponges are plants, he will reply: because sponges eat those solid particles of water; Their cells are different from plant cells, and there is no fibrous layer in the outer layer; They can swim freely like many other habitual animals. Compare organisms to a cityIs the sponge in the swimsuit soft and sticky to the body after touching the water
You don't have to worry about this. Unless you buy a professional swimsuit with poor quality, for example, weSwimming sponges  including demospongea all use it, this will never happen, because the sponge is thick enough and has a certain hardness. If it is not extruded, it should be difficult to flatten it with the pressure of waterBaby swims with a small sponge. The sponge doesn't wear a life jacket. Is there a potential safety hazard
According to the photos taken by the media, the little sponge did not wear a life jacket. In fact, it did have certain potential safety hazards. Because the little sponge is very young and not tall enoughSwimming sponges  including demospongea, it is very dangerous in the pool. Safety first many children drowned in the swimming poolBaby Yang Ying personally went into the water to teach the little sponge to swim. Good mother, is this standing
Some netizens posted on social media that they met baby and sponge while vacationing in Sanya. We can see the baby teaching her son to swim kindly in the swimming pool. Baby is often exposed, but she still spends time with her son. In the entertainment industry, it is difficult for a good mother to stand firmDo you want to remove the sponge from the girls' SWIMSUIT
Generally, the swimsuits you buy have this sponge pad inside. Do not remove it. It will leak light
Are sponges in the ocean animals or plants
People who have seen sponges but are not familiar with them will not think that sponges are animals, just as many people have always thought that corals do not belong to animals. In fact, sponges, like corals, often choose a suitable place to grow, take root there, and then stop movingAngelababy swims with a small sponge. What do you think of this
However, some parents attach great importance to the way of education. They know that only when they develop good habits for their children when they are young, will their children have the ability to think independently when they grow up. Recently, female star angelababy took a small sponge to swim
Swimming sponges including demospongea

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