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2022-06-27 04:29Foam swimming circle
Summary: What is the concept of swimmingSwimming is a skill that people float upward under the buoyancy of the water, and make the body move regularly in the water through the regular movement of the limbs by
What is the concept of swimming
Swimming is a skill that people float upward under the buoyancy of the water, and make the body move regularly in the water through the regular movement of the limbs by virtue of the buoyancy. Swimming can be divided into competitive swimming and practical swimming. Competitive swimming is the second largest event in the Olympic Games, including butterflyThe information about swimming is required to be copied. It's about to be handed in ~ ~ (better be more detailed)
Data China has a long history and vast waters. Swimming in records began 5000 years ago. However, swimming as a sport has developed in recent decades. Modern swimming originated in England. In the 1760s, swimming activities were very active in many parts of Britain. It spread to France in the early 18th centuryInformation on swimming rules
Otherwise, it is a foul. 10. The starting orders for swimming: "all in position", "fire the gun". If an athlete sets out before firing the gun, he shall be convicted of a code grab foul. The starter will recall the player with a whistle and reorganize the athlete to set out. Whoever sets out for a code grab foul for the second time will be disqualified from the competition. (for this competition only
Swimming tips
PeoplSwimming information  swimminge who can't swim should learn to adapt in the shallow water safety zone under the guidance of people with high swimming skills, and then gradually transition to deep water. People who can't swim should not swim in deep water alone, even if they bring life buoys, air cushion beds and other impetuous tools, otherwise they are prone to drown in the face of heavy winds and wavesWhat are the benefits and effects of swimming
The contraction and relaxation can meet the oxygen supply demand during water exercise, so the ventilator can be improved. Therefore, people who persist in swimming for a long time can effectively improve their oxygen uptake capacity and vital capacity. The cardiovascular function is improved. During swimming, the horizontal position is generally adopted. The venous blood is easier to flow to the heart, so the venous return flow is increased. In additionWhat are the swimming postures
Common swimming postures are generally divided into breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. The entry point of the arm of Freestyle in the swimming position is between the extension line of the shoulder and the center line of the body, with the thumb in the lead. After the arm is obliquely inserted into the water, it bends the wrist, elbow and arm outward with the rotation of the bodyWhat are the safety knowledge of swimming
First of all, swimmers should be well prepared for warm-up and swimming before launching. After warming up and stretching, you can use a small amount of cold water to evenly sprinkle your body, or wipe your limbs, chest, abdomen and back with cold water by the pool in advance, so that your body can gradually adapt to the water temperatureHow much does it cost to build an outdoor swimming pool
 It depends on what kind of outdoor swimming pool you want to build. At present, the outdoor swimming pool has two kinds of structures, one is the tSwimming information  swimmingraditional concrete swimming pool, the other is the new steel structure disassembly swimming pool; Of course, the investment price of X09 outdoor swimming pool is not random. In addition to the calculation of the swimming pool structure, it is also necessary to determine the size of the swimming pool to determine the model and quotation of the water circulation filtration equipment usSwimming information  swimminged in the swimming poolThe origin of swimming
More than 70% of the earth is covered by water. Human beings imitate the postures and movements of aquatic animals in their struggle with nature and life, and gradually learn various skills of floaSwimming information  swimmingting, swimming, diving and other activities in the water. This is the earliest swimming. However, swimming as a sport has developed in recent decadesInformation on swimming safety
Swimming safety precautions: 1]. swimming requires physical examination. People suffering from heart disease, hypertension, tuberculosis, otitis media, skin diseases, severe trachoma and other infectious diseases should not swim. 2] Choose swimming places carefully. To swim in rivers, lakes and seas, you must first understand the water conditions. There are undercurrents in the water
Swimming information swimming

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