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Mudanjiang swimming it's late in Mudanjiang

2022-06-26 16:03Foam swimming circle
Summary: Can you swim in Jingbo lake of Mudanjiang RiverThere is no problem swimming. The water has melted long ago. There is no ice. There is no need to find someone to drill holes for you. The problem is tha
Can you swim in Jingbo lake of Mudanjiang River
There is no problem swimming. The water has melted long ago. There is no ice. There is no need to find someone to drill holes for you. The problem is that the temperature is a little low. I don't know if you can stand it. The temperature in Mudanjiang is more than 10 degrees at night, and Jingbo lake is cooler than Gaoshan lake. You can swim, and you know that the temperature of the water rises very slowlyWhich natatoriums are there in Mudanjiang now, and how to get a card
There is only "VenMudanjiang swimming  it's late in Mudanjiangice" in Mudanjiang's special swimming pool. Others are the swimming pool of the teachers' college. Military supply building swimming pool. New Mart natatorium. As for your choice, I suggest you choose teachers' college. Because the price is reasonable and the water quality is good. The military supply building is very expensive. The water quality in Venice is too poorWhich swimming pool in Mudanjiang is better
In winter, you can also play with water. The indoor water world in Mudanjiang Bay covers an area of 25000 square meters. All kinds of water playing equipment, such as surfing, rafting, loudspeakers, hot springs and standard swimming pools, are so fun. There are also various snacks. The Dawan ski resort is also good. There are more than 50 kinds of tropical fruits and other plants in the tropical rainforest Pavilion (bananas, etc.)Is there a better natatorium in Mudanjiang
The natatorium of the teachers' college is the best. The 50 meter corridor costs 20 yuan a ticket. The student card costs 8 yuan. The monthly student card costs 150 yuan. It is valid for 30 times in three months. The average time is 5 yuan. The red sun natatorium. The 25 meter corridor at the south end of the fourth East Road of Venice costs 10 yuan a time. The military supplies the south end of the Taiping RoadCan I swim in the feldspar reservoir of Mudanjiang River
You can't swim in the Shichang reservoir of Mudanjiang River. It is a fish breeding base. The red trout and carp in Jingpo Lake are raised in the Shichang reservoir. You can go up there. There is a very good river where you can swim
Mudanjiang swimming pool
The teachers' college is more expensive, but it should be the best in Mudanjiang. 20 an adult ticket, 12 No. 1 middle school with student ID card, the swimming pool is also good. Outsiders are also 20 military supplies. There are also New Mart. The water industry of New Mart is not very good. There are Yilong water world outside, but the water outside is very dirty. That's about itPrice location of Mudanjiang natatorium
Venice - the price is 20 yuan. Only primary and middle school students can give half the price. It is in the east of Yanjiang street. Military supply building - the price is 20 yuan. The natatorium is upstairs in Taiping Road, Nanshi street. The natatorium is upstairs in xinmat - the price seems to be 20 In New Mart. Swimming pool of Mudanjiang Normal University - the ticket price is more than 20, but you can aMudanjiang swimming  it's late in Mudanjianglso apply for joint ticketsIs there a swimming pool in Mudanjiang
Xihailin red sun Taiping Road army supplies swimming pool of new MMudanjiang swimming  it's late in Mudanjiangaat normal college, Taiping Road swimming pool of No. 2 railway swimming pool, xihailin street, Mudanjiang City Tel: 116968043913 (local call fee only) to provide you with some information. I hope I can help you~Mudanjiang New Mart natatorium
New Mart natatoriMudanjiang swimming  it's late in Mudanjiangum, located in the city center, has convenient transportation. On the 10th floor of New Mart Hotel, the swimming pool was equipped with swimming lines in 2012. It has four swimming lanes and is 25 meters long. Now the water quality and temperature have reached the standard. It is very suitable for swimming and learning to swimWhere is the swimming pool of Mudanjiang No. 1 middle school? Are outsiders allowed in? What time does it close? Is there a time limit
Mudanjiang No. 1 middle school natatorium is the best natatorium in the city in terms of water quality, sanitation and service waiting. The ticket price is i5 times /300 yuan, with a half year card of L200 and a quarter card of 800. The opening time is 9 a.m; It closes at 19:00 p.m. Open to the outside world. Place: east entrance of Xinglong Street, Dong'an District, Jiangnan
Mudanjiang swimming it's late in Mudanjiang

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